My palate is broad. I am an experienced actor, writer and public speaker who has honed these talents through occupations ranging from tour guide to soldier to oil-refinery inspector, among others. This range of experiences has imbued me with the ability to empathize with people and put myself in their shoes, thus enabling me to effectively play a variety of different roles.


Bachelor’s Degree, News/Editorial Journalism, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, 1985 to 1989

U.S. Army Defense Information School, Public Affairs Course, Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN, Sept. to Nov. 1992

Certified Commercial Air Diver, College of Oceaneering, Los Angeles Harbor, 1997-98.

Video/Radio Experience

January 2013 – Season Premier of Savage Family Diggers (on Spike TV) – played “antiques buyer” who purchased Civil War surgery kit from host Ric Savage.

May 2012 – Episode 107 of Southern Nights (on Country Music Television) – Tour Guide giving ghost tour of Sorrel Weed House Mansion, on Madison Square, Savannah.

October 2011 to present – Co-host of “Savannah Shadows” by Savannah Paranormal, a radio show and podcast (more than 21,000 subscribers) on “all things paranormal in Savannah and beyond.”

April 2011 – Georgia Traveler episode “Haunted Savannah” (Episode 408) – Interview source for history and paranormal activity at Sorrel-Weed House, a haunted Victorian-era mansion, on Madison Square, in Savannah’s Historic District.

June 2009 – Location scout and principal character in Midnight in Savannah – a Lou Reda Productions trailer for reality television show of the same name.

February 2008 – Interview source for documentary on Savannah’s 19th century hospital tunnel at Forsyth Park


2013 to present – Tour Guide for Ghost City Tours. Have created two different tour routes for far (9 p.m. and 11 p.m.) plus writing a pub tour route.

2011-2012 – Managing ghost tours at Sorrel Weed. Single-handedly created SW House’s bookkeeping system – a spreadsheet filing system detailing cash intake, credit/debit receipts, and money deducted for employee bonuses and operating expenses. Handled all the money for the business, including making bank deposits and money transfers for the day and night tours.

2010-2011 – Giving ghost tours at Sorrel Weed House. Guiding guests through use of EMF detectors, and interpretation of info on infrared video installed in house.

2005 to 2010 — Marketing, promoting, giving tours for The Hearse Ghost Tours, Savannah. Have increased rider-ship through popularity with guests and advertising arrangements with local hotels and restaurants. Known at the E. Shavers Bookstore on Madison Square for vast collection of Savannah history books that I purchased there as reference material for my tours.

2003 to 2005 – Wrote for and acted in Ghosts and Gravestones, theatrical ghost tour for Old Town Trolley Tours, Savannah. Became “the face” of that tour. My image still appears on company advertising brochures.


2000 (January) to 2002 (July) — Quality Assurance inspector for Doncasters, a factory that made turbine blades for military and civilian aircraft engines. Charged with the critical task of making certain that none of these blades left the factory floor before being assured of structural integrity. Responsible for writing detailed reports on any deficiencies found. Job ended because of 9/11 attacks, which sent the aircraft industry into an economic dive.

1998 (January) to 1999 (December) – Inspector for Law-Gibb group, performing ultrasonic thickness inspection of pipelines and pressure vessels at the Marathon-Ashland Petroleum Refinery located at Catlettsburg, Kentucky. Required to scale ladders and scaffolding up to 300 feet above the ground to reach inspection area.


1992-1997 – U.S Army writer and photographer with 3rd Infantry Division, following soldiers around the country and around the world. Charged with writing, shooting and editing stories from the field and sending them back to Fort Stewart.

1990-1992 – City Hall and General Assignment reporter for The Observer Newspaper Group, Fort Myers, Fla., covering local politics, environmental issues and law enforcement.

References available upon request